Join our Online community and exchange ideas, using docs, images, even video. Post on each others walls and contribute wihin a Live Chat Participate in Quizes, Surveys and Polls to help with issues surrounding Research and Policy Studies.


Donors are the only way we are able to function, so please consider donating or help by exposing our causes to prospective donors. All donations are allocated and are tax free.


Students can become members of GCRPS for a small mebership fee and have access to all our platforms for discussion, polls, surveys,etc. Accurate reports can therby be provided on all our issues and causes.


This work matters to the future of all in Africa. OUr afrcian youth of today are the leaders of tomorrow.

Lets unite for empowering the whole education sector of Africa and empowering ourselves. This is the first and largest social network for students in Africa. The online portal where students can interact with other students, share their ideas, participate in forums, write blogs, play quizzes, download latest and updated notes and do a lot of activities that help us to produce accurate reports for Research and Policy Studies in Africa. And the most awesome thing is we are expanding 24X7 along with each and every member and visitor.

Members will be able to not only interact socially but also academically with regards to Polls and Surveys that will help us to asess the different students needs and develop outcomes, recommendations and findings that will be applicable to Africa’s use in Development, Policy Making, and for Scientific and Business Innovation and Inventions.


Here are the most recent causes that we are supporting and we wish that you would volunteer to assist or join our membership.

Join our efforts in trying to make a better future for Africans


This gallery features most of the pictures taken on our outreach programs


Our Organisation is a Think Tank, which focuses on Research and Policy Studies. We need young members to join our network to assist in discussion, contribute and volunteer in the research to ultimately produce study outcomes like reports and other publications. We call on all persons eith an interest in reserach and policy issues in Africa to colloborate here. We want to produce accurate information about policy and development issues in Africa.

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